What is An Ultreya

Ultreya is an on-going, follow-up program for people who have made their three day Cursillo, linking them together in a Christian community that helps them support one another in their attempts to remain Christ-centered. Apostolic enthusiasm is sustained as participants share their lives in Christ and are inspired by the lives of others in the areas of faith, holiness, and evangelization. Ultreya provides the continued support to make the Cursillo experience a lifetime one.

Upcoming Ultreya

To be announced

How to Host an Ultreya

​Organizing the Ultreya

Promoting the Ultreya

  • Create an Ultreya Poster using the Microsoft Word document

  • Contact the Cursillo Commission Communication Chair at wtjmiller@gmail.com at least 2 months before the event. Your ultreya will be promoted in the Cursillo Facebook page, 4th Day Beacon email newsletter, Cursillo website, and the Diocese Coastline email newsletter.