Information Ultreya

Recruiting pilgrims through one on one contact can be a lot of work. You need to provide the same information and often answer the same questions for each person. It can be a draining and daunting experience.

An Informational Ultreya enables you to

  • provide the information and answer questions once.

  • leverage the power of groups to encourage people to go. Often people will decide to go if they know someone else who is going.

  • draw on the energy, enthusiasm, and stories of other Cursillistas to demonstrate the life changing and enriching power of a Cursillo weekend.

  • find potential pilgrims you might not have considered, such as members who attend other services.

  • involve your parish Cursillo community in those things that we talk about & are supposed to be doing. Can you say Apostolic Action?

Here's what you can do

  • Have the meeting as a dinner and have the church or the Cursillo ministry at your church underwrite the dinner.

  • Provide childcare. When sponsoring a pilgrim, remove all obstacles!

  • Have a dynamic, energized speaker or several of them. One can give the basics of what Cursillo is all about and one or two can share stories. If you need a speaker, reach out to the commission chair, Lori Bates, who will help you find someone who will be happy to come do the talk!

  • Advertise, advertise, advertise. Put the date and information in your bulletin, newsletter and on your Facebook page for a few weeks!

  • Consider starting off with some type of mixer activity so people get to know each other.

  • Download, print and handout this brochure.

  • Show the Cursillo Video

  • Have fun!


Questions? Contact a member of the Commission. That's what we are here for!