Continue the Journey - Fourth Day Reunion Groups

The real gift of Cursillo is Group Reunion that emphasizes the value of personal contact and sharing with other Christians after the weekend. The purpose of a Group Reunion is to help each one in it to reach his or her full potential in Christ. In company with sympathetic, caring, loving people we are able to share and talk about our hang ups and fears as well as our hopes and dreams.

Order of Reunion

Why Join a Reunion Group

The Cursillo weekend began as a way to prepare people to be effective Christians in their ongoing lives in their homes, families, churches, jobs and social circles. The weekend is intended as a beginning, not a one-time experience. Our Lord desires to love, care for and befriend you for eternity, not just at Beckwith Lodge for a weekend. He knows that you cannot do this alone. We are sure that your weekend experience has taught you something about the power of the Christian community to be a channel of God’s grace. Happily, Cursillo will continue to provide structure and guidance to help you to maintain and grow your faith after the weekend.

The most important new Cursillo tool is group Reunion, a weekly meeting with other Christians where you share your ongoing lives – your successes, failures, plans, struggles and prayer needs about your piety, study and action during the preceding week and for the week to come.

Since we made our Cursillo twenty-three years ago, being in a Reunion group has proven to be the single most effective new habit we learned at our weekend. Whenever we have made the effort to make Reunion a high priority, the Lord has used our Reunion groups to anchor the rest of our week in Him. Whenever we have let the world crowd out our Reunion time, we have drifted and become more and more absorbed by the world.

Please put finding and joining a Reunion group very high on your Fourth Day list. Please do not wait until you have plenty of time to think about it. You won’t. Please ask your sponsor, your parish Cursillo liaison, your Rector or any person in your parish who has attended Cursillo about how to locate and join a Reunion group. If you are not successful within two weeks, contact your table leader or Lay Rector for guidance. There is a group out there for you. Please go and find it.

May God continue to bless you, and may you continue to grow in joy, peace and love.

Anita and Clay Rankin, Cursillo # 37 February 22-25, 1985