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Cursillo (“Cur see yo”) is a three-day weekend that introduces people to simple methods for nurturing and growing their relationships with Christ. It provides an experience of living in a Christian community centered in worship, prayer, study of scripture, and interaction with other Christians. Its mission is to build up our parish churches by encouraging and empowering its members to prepare for doing the work of the church- the spreading of the Gospel.

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Thank you all who have given so much of yourselves this weekend. I have been given a gift beyond knowing or imagining. To be cosseted so completely in a place of such love and grace, and yet have the whole world reach in with a hug. This can only be experienced, it cannot be described. - Pilgrim #155

It is deeply humbling when one realizes all the work and prayer that has been put into helping the lost receive the Holy Spirit. It is even more humbling when one realizes that most of the work and prayer has been performed by complete strangers whose only motivation is the unselfish desire to glorify God by loving their neighbors as themselves.  The tireless work of the Cursillo staff creates a humbling debt that can never be repaid, but hopefully the debt will be passed onto others who receive the Holy Spirit.  - Pilgrim #155